Our Last 1st Birthday

I survived, although I do feel very emotional about it.  I still have days where I really struggle with the idea of no more babies, but I do respect Scott's opinion on the matter.  I keep telling him not to remind me why I shouldn't be sad about it, just pray for me to be more at peace with his decision!  Anyway, moving on... :)

Our precious little Noah is now 1 and I can't fathom where the last year has gone.  On his birthday, we started the morning with homemade cinnamon rolls and sausage for breakfast, then spent some time playing before we headed to Harrell's to have lunch with Scott at work.  He had food there already so I just picked up cheap Happy Meals for the kids (and forgot to get anything for myself - how does that happen?).  Once the kids started getting noisy and antsy, we headed home for naps for the youngest 2 and reading time for the older 3.  They must have been worn out because I had to wake Jackson up when it was time to get ready to go out to dinner.  

We had a small family dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  We went early for their Early Bird pricing and Noah had gotten a free kid's meal coupon that we planned to use for the older kids.  We also wanted to get his picture on the birthday saddle.  It was the first time our kids have eaten there.  Granmommy was able to join us since it was her day off!  Grandaddy picked up a cake for us to have at the restaurant but we changed our minds at the end of the meal and decided to take it home (once again, noisy and antsy kids, lol).  Some of our neighbors were able to join us for cake.  We gave Noah a little piece to try, a practice run for his smash cake on Saturday at his birthday party!

 I switched Noah's seat after dinner so he is now officially front-facing.  

More pictures to come of his birthday bash!

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