Noah's 1st Birthday Brunch Bash

Saturday was certainly a day of celebration!  Knowing that a 1st birthday party is more for the adults than the 1 year-old, I wanted to do something inexpensive food-wise so we could invite more people.  I decided that brunch would be the way to go, and planned a 10 AM party.  I made as much as I could ahead of time and had a ton of help from my mom with food.  Scott and my mom gave me a hard time for going overboard but I do love planning a party!  And we have always done something big for their 1st.

 Kids' activity table (we moved it inside because it looked like it would rain)

 Small notecards for guests to write a keepsake message to Noah

 I only had cake for Noah, everyone else got coffee cake cupcakes (some were minis)!

The spread...  sausage balls, donut holes, rainbow fruit skewers, mushroom bread pudding, egg cups (low-carb for Scott), and homemade mini-cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing.

 Orange juice, pink grapefruit juice, water with lemon and coffee frappe'
 Coffee bar complete with coffee ice cubes for iced coffee

 Grits and fixin's station - this was very popular! :)  shrimp, butter, bacon, sausage, cheese, onions and tomato gravy (this was all prepared by my mom who was kind enough to entertain my lofty idea)

My friend Nicki helped me do a series of photos - one from each month of his first year.  We hung them with clothespins on white twine.

 Praise God the sun came out - I think we had around 50 people here and our house isn't that big!
 Noah woke up from his morning nap shortly after the guests started arriving!

  Cake-smashing time!

 Cleaning up in the bathroom afterward

 Our little presents helper!

We had a great time with friends and family celebrating our sweet Noah.  We love you so much, baby boy -  Happy 1st Birthday!

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Ella said...

so fun! happy birthday, noah!! wish we could have been there!