I Did It!

I actually managed to pull off a huge surprise for Scott, which I am usually not very good at!  We have been saving up for a new camera but I am still really unsure of what I want, so I decided to use that money and get Scott a new flat screen TV for Father's Day.  He has been wanting one for so long and wouldn't let himself get one, so I made it a little easier for him :)  Several friends were involved in helping me choose, buy and install this thing so it really is a miracle that someone didn't let it slip and tell him about it!  My initial plan was to get it installed the day before Father's Day because Scott will be golfing that day, but our neighbor who was doing the installation for me is out of town that weekend, so we decided Friday would be a good day.  

We still have to get some kind of TV console to put under it.  I am so excited to have the big, bulky armoire out of our living room - the room seems so much bigger now!

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Ella said...

love it!! i also loved hearing about his initial response! :)