My Early Christmas Gift

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from the Sears Portrait studio that they were doing pictures with Santa for only $10 (and that price included the pictures). We hadn't done Santa pics the last couple of years so I decided we would try again. Our appointment was Thursday so I got the bright idea that since all the kids were dressed in their Christmas outfits (thanks to Mima's great clearance finds last year), I would try to do a picture for our Christmas card with all five kids together.  I have never attempted that because it seemed like such an impossibility, which is why our cards usually have individual pictures or smaller group shots.  Mind you, Scott was out of town when all this was happening which meant I was on my own for the whole process.  Oh well, I like a challenge every now and then!

I hung a white sheet on our front porch railing and sat them on the floor.  I must have snapped about 50 pictures.  I was pretty pleased with the original shots, but then Uncle Austin worked his Photoshop magic and we ended up with this:

I was elated!  I have never had a picture with all the kids even looking at the camera, much less smiling.  I can't wait to do my thing and turn it into a fun card.  I love having a creative outlet!   

Any guesses who got Photoshopped?  Or how many shots we used to make the final product?  :)

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