Covenant Child

Also titled "Baptism, Take 5" :) We had originally planned to have Noah baptized in September when some of our neighbors were having their baby boy baptized but it didn't work out... which is probably for the better since there would have been lots of children on the stage! We reminded Jackson all morning that we would be standing on the stage in front of everyone and that he needed to be still and quiet during his baby brother's special time. He was in rare form today so I was a little nervous. Luckily we didn't have any skirt-raising incidents this time (cute when it's a child, not so cute when it's a child raising my skirt).

I snuck a few pictures of Noah afterward in the nursing mom's room. I sure wish that was our leather couch! His outfit, the same one Jackson and Caleb wore, actually belonged to my sister-in-law's brother when he was a baby and all the cousins have worn it for their baptisms.

After church we had lunch at Chili's with the grandparents. I wish every Sunday was baptism day!

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