Birthday Part 2

After she woke up and opened her presents from us, Lillian had a full day of eating out planned on her birthday - that's my girl!  Grandaddy met us at The Brunch Box that morning after Scott left for work and Lillian feasted on a good southern breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast and grits.  After that was playgroup at Barnett Park where everyone shared chocolate cupcakes I baked for the occasion.  Lillian left playgroup early for a lunch date at Steak and Shake with her Daddy and Mima, then back home for a nap to rest up for the celebration later that night.

Grandma and Grandpa arrived from Daytona after rest time, and not long after that it was time to head to Red Elephant for Lillian's birthday dinner.  I invited friends and family and some of our neighbors so it was definitely a full house.  We reserved their party room and unfortunately some people didn't even have a seat.  Oops!  Hopefully everyone still had fun.  I know I did, and the food was great, as usual.  Best wings ever!
The next night we took her for her free Cold Stone ice cream.  She chose some yummy chocolate creation with a brownie in it.  It certainly looked a lot better than the sugar-free ice cream Scott and I shared.

After several days she is still loving all her new gifts, even the clothes!  (I keep trying to explain to my husband that girls love getting new clothes, someday he will believe me!)

Four years sure have flown by... 

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