Road Trip

This weekend I took another trip to Gainesville with my four youngest.  Caleb stayed home with Scott to help him work on some things that needed to get done before Scott left to go out of town this week.  Karen and Jordan rode up with us and met James, who had driven separately and gone to the Gator game.  That was not my destination this time - we were going to celebrate Chris' 40th birthday at a bowling party Tricia had planned for him.  Their bowling alley has a seperate room with its' own lanes that they use for parties - it was swank!

We arrived a little while after the party began so my kids didn't waste any time getting started!  They were adorable - this was Jackson's first time bowling and his sisters were so helpful.  They had a blast!  I decided not to bowl since I was having so much fun watching them.  We decided to spend the night so the kids got to spend some time with Evan and Sarah Jane.  Later that night after the kids were in bed, the grown ups enjoyed some yummy food from David's BBQ.  I had chopped chicken, collard greens and green beans - YUM!  Lillian got her birthday present from Aunt Karen, James and Jordan - a Tangled doll!  We left mid-morning and got home not long after Scott and Caleb got home from church.

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