Better Late than Never

Here is my not-so-little 3-month old sporting his first cloth diaper!  My sweet husband let me purchase a bunch of cloth diapering supplies from a mom in our homeschool group - he went and picked it all up yesterday and I had to look everything up online today to figure out what to do with it. :)

I have always wanted to try cloth diapers.  When my sister-in-law texted me one day a few weeks ago and told me the price of Sams diapers now (what we have always used), I almost flipped.  Jackson has been potty trained for several months and we are still using diapers we received as gifts for Noah, so we haven't had to buy any disposables for a while. 

We'll see how it goes!  I wish I had started doing this several kids ago!

P.S.  This baby couldn't be any sweeter, easier or more content!

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