Birthday Part 1

Lillian will be turning four next week.  My neurotic planning-ahead self was getting a little anxious last week because she still hadn't decided on what she wanted to do for her party.  I was a little nervous that we may not end up having one!  But then I had an a-ha moment and remembered that Disney on Ice was coming to Lakeland this past weekend and when I asked her if she would like to do that instead of a party, she happily agreed.  We were able to get discount tickets through Scott's work. 

We have never gone to one of these shows before, and after Friday night we were all wondering why (although when I saw that a snow cone was $12, I remembered why).  We decided to do the souvenir picture since it was a birthday celebration, and all the kids shared an order of cotton candy.  It came with a tiara that Lillian got to keep.  I was amazed at the costumes, set design and props!

She still wants to go out for breakfast on the morning of her actual birthday, and she asked to eat dinner at Red Elephant.  We are going to reserve the party room and invite friends and family there for dinner and cake.  More pics to come!

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