Oh How We've Missed You

Lunch at La Fiesta - my favorite place in Gainesville (besides the football stadium lol)

Our neighbor bought Noah these adorable Gator shoes - and she is a Florida State fan!

It's finally time for some Gator football!  This is my favorite time of year even though the trade-off is we don't get to work on any house projects for a few months.  It will be tricky this season working around three kids' soccer schedules - Lillian is playing for the first time and her little cleats are just the cutest thing ever.  Hopefully football games will start later in the day after their soccer games end.

Scott scored some free tickets to the game on Saturday.  He also got a couple of Bull Gator tickets for our eating pleasure.  He didn't get enough game tickets for all of us to go, so we farmed out the older four and took Noah and Uncle Austin with us.  Grandaddy kept Caleb, Mima and Papa had Jackson and we brought the girls with us to hang out at Aunt Tricia's with Sarah Jane and Evan.  Since it was a night game, we decided to spend the night there. 

We always try to take the kids to a game their first football season so we had to keep the tradition alive with Noah!

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