Baby Update - 35 1/2 Weeks

Yesterday was my 35 week appointment and a sonogram to check the baby's size. Everything looks great - the baby is head down already and weight is about 6 pounds based on the measurements taken during the sonogram. My doctor said he is estimating a birth weight of about 8.5 pounds... pretty big but not my biggest :)

It was neat seeing how the baby was positioned and knowing what the different jabs are that I am feeling - now I know which ones are elbows, feet, hands, etc. We have never had a sonogram done this late in the pregnancy - you can't see much because it is so crowded in there but we got a really neat shot of the baby's face. She also told us the baby has a "huge noggin" (her exact words) so it will fit right in with the others whose head measurements were always off the charts!

I am having maternity pictures done in about a week. With this being #5 I probably won't get any bare belly shots... things aren't as pretty this time around! But I definitely want some with the kids and Scott, even if my belly is covered. Photoshop can only do so much!

We've started our baby pool poster - the one where people guess the baby's gender, birth date and time, length and weight. Lillian thinks the baby will weigh 30 pounds! Add some guesses in the comments if you want in on the action (all 2 of you who read this blog lol) :)

I am having a shower on the 10th. At some point I will start packing a bag for the hospital. My doctor is on call a few days before my due date and five days after so I have to start thinking about whether or not to induce so he can deliver this one, too. He has always been on call like 2 or 3 days after my due date so we didn't have to induce early, but not this time! Decisions, decisions...

Can you see the baby's face looking at you? :)

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Just Robin said...

My Guess...:)
8.4 lbs
20 1/2 in
not indused born 6/4 at 6:05PM
indused born 6/3 at 10:00AM