I am leaving in about two hours to spend a weekend at the beach for the Trinity Women's Retreat. In my current scatter-brained state I am hoping I remembered to pack everything. It should be easy since I am only packing for myself! I do have a 12-pack of Diet Dr. Pepper to feed my addiction while I am gone (I did really well not drinking it the first several months of my pregnancy, not so much anymore). I am afraid I will need a little caffeine jolt tonight since I got up at 4 AM to watch the Royal Wedding... what was I thinking? Good thing it is an easy day for me - I am done with my "job" at 3:30 :) And it was fun snuggling with Caleb, Lillian and Jackson when they woke up at 6:30 and climbed up on the couch to watch with me.

So pray for my husband this weekend as he cares for our litter all by himself. He will do a wonderful job - I have complete confidence that the kids will be kept on schedule and eat well-rounded meals, and probably have more fun than when I am taking care of them. I always come home to a clean house and the laundry caught up (although I have been doing better at that lately). And he gets some one-on-one time with all of them, something they all will enjoy.

I sure will miss them!

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