Another Milestone

This little stinker actually went to sleep with no pacifier last night!! Scott put him in bed and then came out to the living room to look for it in the diaper bag, but since he wasn't fussing Scott decided to let him be and see what happened. He went to sleep like a champ so I decided to keep the trend going today at naptime. He went to sleep fine but woke up crying after a short time, so I just went in and rubbed his back for a minute and tucked him back in with his Scout dog playing lullabies.

I guess I shouldn't brag one day into it, but I never thought he would make it that long without his "gacki".

Oh, and an explanation of the photo - Scott had just gotten him out of the tub and in his jammies, walked away for a few seconds to check on the girls in their bedroom and Jackson was back in the tub, diaper and pajamas and all. That kid is quick!

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