New Life

A few weeks ago Caleb spent the night with my friend Karen and her future step-son who is close to Caleb's age. The next day at her church, all the kids got little plastic cups with caterpillars in them and she was kind enough to bring us some for the rest of my kiddos who weren't there.

We got to watch the caterpillars spin their cocoons and then we transferred them to a glass jar. Several days later, we saw beautiful butterflies emerge! Once their wings dried a little, they got brave enough to try and fly away. I was afraid we would lose a couple to Jackson's reckless feet, but luckily they stayed out of his way.

I had intended to order a butterfly kit as a supplement to our Science curriculum but it never happened, so I was really glad we still got the chance to experience the process first-hand. Thanks, Aunt Karen!

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