Weather Woes

Yesterday we were without power for about five hours after a quick (but brutal) storm hit our area. There were tons of branches and huge tree limbs down all over our neighborhood. Our grill and storage bench blew completely over and our swing set was twisted into a mangled mess.

We were blessed not to have any major damage to our yard or property, but a tree came down across the street from us onto the power lines and resulted in a quick flash of light and the loudest cracking and booming noise I have ever heard. I thought it was a lightning strike at first, but when there was no burn damage to the tree I realized it was all wind-related. So scary considering that there were tornado sightings all over the county.

I got pictures of the power lines but completely forgot to take any of our backyard - oops! I'm sad that we lost our swing set. Someone gave it to us and it has been such an asset for our kids and the neighborhood kids that come over to play. I guess it's finally time to hunker down and start saving for a new one! It could have been so much worse and I am so thankful that no one was hurt.

Lunch by candlelight - luckily I cooked everything before we lost power.

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