Ministry Update

Last night we got to participate in the Parker Street Ministries ribbon cutting for the newly renovated Family Life Center and George W. Jenkins Gymnasium (side note - I wonder how many things in Lakeland are named after Mr. George).

Tim Mitchell gave a brief message and then our pastor at Trinity prayed for the facility and the ministry. There were quite a few VIPs there including Danny Wuerffel from Desire Street Ministries (and only the greatest Gator quarterback EVER). If I hadn't been chasing children around all evening I would have introduced myself! I wonder if it would freak him out to know he is plastered all over a Gator memorabilia shelf in our boys' room! I wonder if it would freak him out even more to find out that during his glory days at UF I used to refer to him as my "future-husband-who-just-doesn't-know-it-yet."

I can't write much about the actual ceremony and unfortunately I didn't get a ton of pictures because most of the evening I was outside with my boisterous toddler chasing him out of the rain. He hasn't quite mastered the art of first-time obedience as it relates to being quiet when necessary. Unfortunately Scott had to work late and couldn't make it.

It's so amazing to see God work in the hearts of people in our community who made it possible for this to happen. It's even more amazing to see what is happening in our neighborhood because of it. We are so blessed to be a part of this ministry, and are continuing to grow because of our experiences here.

Caleb and the rest of his class in their new classroom

The new gymnasium (and site of the actual ribbon cutting since it was still pouring outside)

Looking down from the upstairs classrooms

There HE is in the white shirt :) (I mean Danny, of course)

Ella and Lillian enjoying the art room

Jackson chowing down on a cupcake

Community art project - a weaving loom that will become a wall hanging once all the fabric is added.

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