8 and Counting...

I'm 32 weeks today and nothing more has been done in the way of preparations for Baby M. Who am I? At least I started making a list of stuff to take to the hospital. This picture was actually taken on Tuesday night but I'm sure there hasn't been a lot of change since then. I just happened to have make-up on that night so I wanted to take advantage of it and get the pic done then. Speaking of pictures, I better start thinking about maternity pictures before I birth this child or get so huge I won't want to remember what I looked like. We also need to get our Baby Pool poster started... it will be more fun this time guessing the gender!

For the record, Caleb thinks it is a boy and Jackson thinks it is a girl! I don't have a feeling either way but I do know that this baby is the most active of all and loves to kick or punch me right in the bladder! It is so miraculous to feel a baby moving inside me and I still can't believe this is actually happening to us again - what a blessing!

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