It's Planted!

We got the garden done Monday thanks to Grandaddy's help. Caleb was only there part of the time because he left for AEP and Jackson was taking a marathon 5-hour nap that afternoon in his big boy bed so he missed all the action. Maybe next year, or in the fall if we do a fall garden!

We still have a packet of baby carrot and watermelon seeds left that Caleb had picked out - we didn't want to plant those without him being here. There was a nice rain yesterday which was perfect timing. Here's what we ended up with:

tomatoes (6 varieties)
green beans (3 varieties)
sunflowers and wildflowers (those are the seeds my non-vegetable eating girls picked)
red peppers

I wanted some okra but we ran out of room. I am praying it all grows and produces well. Yum yum if it does!

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christy said...

i'm hoping for a good turnout too. :)