Who Knew Trash Could Be Fun

Friday we took a tour of the landfill and recycling center here in Lakeland. They put us all on a charter bus and drove us around on what basically was huge hills made from old piles of trash. Our landfill is 2,000 acres and our tour guide told us it takes 7 to 10 years to fill a section to capacity. We even got to watch where the trucks were dumping loads of garbage out - luckily the smell inside the bus wasn't too gross. Seeing all that trash collecting on one spot did make me think a little more about recycling (but just for a brief minute, then I remembered that lots of the time our hood gets skipped over for pick-up and I don't need all that stuff just sitting and rotting in my yard).

I didn't get queasy at all until the very end when she showed us the huge containers where they drain the "garbage juice" (that was her exact term) that collects at the bottom of the landfill. That kind of turned my stomach a little! But it was still a fun time, and even Jackson behaved himself for the most part.

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