Sun 'n Fun Educational Tour

This post will be short since someone in my group today who was wearing a pedometer said we walked over 5,000 steps which I think is about 2 1/2 miles... pushing a stroller with 3 little ones in it through grass that was rained on all day yesterday and last night... in the heat... wearing my shape-ups so I could get a work-out (what was I thinking)... didn't think I needed to bring anyone for back-up... This momma is WORN OUT!! Although I am really glad we went because I only had to pay $10 for myself and ALL the kids were free. It would have been tons more for us to buy regular admission tickets.

So enjoy the pics and brief commentary!

This kid LOVES airplanes!

We got to go inside this one and walk around!

Making wind socks

We finished our tour and activities at about 2 and could have stayed for the air show at 2:30, but I couldn't bear the thought of making the trek all the way back to the airfield. I thought about watching it from the van, but then Jackson fell asleep in his car seat almost immediately so I opted to come home so I could rest some... which turned into getting dinner ready while everyone else was resting. Maybe next year!

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