Happy Birthday to Me

As usual, I had a fun-filled birthday with lots of yummy food! I started off with breakfast at Mimi's Cafe with my neighbor Christina. Scott had taken the day off so he was at home with our kids. That might be my favorite place to eat breakfast, although I'm not sure how it would be with all the kids there. I had an egg white and veggie fritatta with feta cheese on top (don't tell my OB) served with turkey sausage and fresh fruit, along with decaf coffee and grapefruit juice. I had a birthday club free breakfast coupon and when I gave it to our server, she brought us a piece of chocolate mousse pie to share with a candle on top (so much for my healthy breakfast).

Back at the house we started prepping the yard for our garden this year. Grandaddy brought over his tiller and while he and Scott did that, the kids and I raked leaves. While we were out there, our Community Group leader (and good friend) stopped by with a birthday card and 2-liter of Diet Dr. Pepper for me! After a few hours outside, it was time to clean up and get ready for lunch.

We all met Mima and Papa at Red Elephant. I heart their hummus and pita chips appetizer (I also get celery with mine) and that is why I chose to eat there! Also, it is very kid-friendly which is always a plus. When we got home, Scott surprised me with a whole apple pie from Jimbo's Barbecue - YUM! He had also given me a dozen peach roses.

Later that evening he and I enjoyed dinner together, just the two of us (thanks Grandaddy for watching the kids and thanks Mima and Papa for the Carrabba's gift card)! The food was AMAZING and I am so glad I chose Carrabba's instead of Texas Cattle Company. We also decided to stop at Target and throw together a baby registry, although I will still try to borrow some of the more expensive stuff (swing, bouncy seat, etc.). Another wonderful birthday and another year of so much to be thankful for...
We expanded the garden this year - it spans the whole section on the other side of the walkway.

Our jasmine plants have grown like crazy since we planted them less than a year ago!

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