An Introduction to Geocaching

Friday I took Caleb to Crystal Springs Preserve for a field trip. We had never been there before - in fact, I had never even heard of it. There were different programs depending on the age of your child, and Caleb got to go on a GPS scavenger hunt! I have read about geocaching online and thought it sounded really fun, so we both really enjoyed this trip!

Each group was given a hand-held GPS and a team captain was designated. They then had to learn how to input a set of coordinates and then teach everyone in their group how to do it. Each group ended up with six sets of coordinates that they used to hunt for coffee cans placed all around the property, using the GPS as a guide to point them in the right direction. There was a question inside each coffee can the kids had to write the answer to, then move on to the next set of coordinates. The questions were based on different things we had learned about the Preserve in our guide's presentation beforehand.

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