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My birthday is on Friday... 35, really? I am still contemplating where to eat for my birthday dinner. I want to take advantage of the free meal at Texas Cattle Co. but I am still craving Carrabba's like crazy! Too bad they aren't open for lunch. My parents sent me a birthday care package that arrived yesterday and of course I opened it (I had permission) - lots of chocolate and a huge amount of Chipotle gift cards!!!! Doesn't get any better than that!

Scott caught another rodent in our kitchen this weekend and again, I will spare you the pictures he took since I have yet to work up the nerve to really look at them. Let's just say it was really plump and had a long tail so I am pretty sure it wasn't a mouse. UGH! Again I say, with hundreds of stray cats roaming the neighborhood this shouldn't be a recurring problem.

I have done nothing to prepare for Baby #5's arrival. This will be the only time my anal-retentive tendencies haven't kicked in and had everything organized and in place like months ahead of time. I am just now starting to make a list of baby stuff we may need (since we have NOTHING, thought we were done after 4). My best friend did give us a car seat, I still have our pack 'n play, and I am planning to nurse again so we shouldn't need bottles or formula right away. The baby will need some clothes, burp rags, receiving blankets, etc. but I would love not to end up with a bunch of ducks and frogs so we will need to wait and see whether to buy blue or pink! I guess Scott will be making a Target run from the hospital! It is kind of nice having a clean slate and starting over with only the necessities, especially since space is an issue. I did find a baby book on Amazon last week, so at least I can check that off my list. Now I just have to make sure I use it and update it on a regular basis!

We have 8 weeks left in our school curriculum. I am in awe of how fast the school year has gone and am in the process of figuring out what we will be using next year. I was pleased with what we used this year, but I really don't want to spend money on curriculum again so my options are limited.

I have a doctor's appt. next week and then every two weeks after that. Where have the last 30 weeks gone?

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Ella said...

first of all, go with carrabba's!! i seriously could eat there every night of the week... secondly, if you do end up having a boy, you will not need a thing. I'll send it all your way once my little guy grows out of it! :)