Who needs a science book?

I woke up today feeling really tired and the kids were enjoying playing together quietly so it was very tempting to cancel our field trip plans and have a lazy day at home. I even e-mailed Scott jokingly to ask him if I was being selfish... just getting us out of the house seemed like such a task - clothes and tennis shoes on, teeth brushed, hair done, lunches packed, water bottles filled... why don't I do some of this stuff the night before when I know how much smoother the morning will go? One would think I learned my lesson last year getting a kid to school everyday!

I decided begrudgingly to at least try to get us out the door and I am so glad I changed my mind! We went to the Circle B Bar Reserve with our homeschool group and it was amazing! I have no idea why we haven't been there before. There are hiking trails with a HUGE bird population, various species of butterflies, more caterpillars than I could count, and a lake full of alligators (at a safe distance). Caleb brought his binoculars for a day of wildlife watching. After our hike with everyone we ate lunch at one of the covered pavilions and then explored inside the Nature Discovery Center where there is a huge indoor treehouse and tons of informative and interactive displays for the kids to enjoy.

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