Healthy Smiles

Today was dentist day for the older three. It is so nice being able to take them all at the same time - they even go back and have their teeth cleaned and checked all together. Today was Lillian's first visit ever and she was amazing - not scared at all! I'm sure it helped that Caleb and Ella were right there with her. I told them both it was their job to comfort and protect her if she got scared and they happily obliged. Keeping Jackson out of trouble in the waiting room - now that was another story!

Everyone got a good report - no cavities! The dentist did tell me that all three of them have crowded teeth so he is really surprised there haven't been any cavities yet, and that the crowding issue will have to be addressed in the future sometime (sounds expensive to me). He also said that Caleb will have all of his permanent molars in by his next visit. Evidently two have come in already and I didn't even realize it - he didn't fuss as a baby when he got teeth in, either.

We came home to finish up some reading assignments and then walked downtown to the Farmer's Market. Today they were giving away free strawberry shortcake so I wasn't going to miss that! We also shared some freshly popped kettle corn. Scott was out running an errand from work so he got to come and met us for a short time.

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