This may change my life!

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I have been DROWNING in laundry since the school year started. I am great about washing and drying it, it just doesn't get folded. I wouldn't change our decision to homeschool for anything, but let's face it - there is even less time during the day for me to work on house stuff. Luckily I have managed to keep up with the important stuff like paying bills, making meals and scrubbing the toilet!

Some of it may be my own fault - I don't typically do a ton of housework at night after the kids are in bed. That is my blogging/photo book/sit on the couch and do nothing time. Scott is much more of a night owl than me, so you will often find him folding the laundry in the wee hours. However, he deserves some down time too, so I am on a mission to somehow fight off our laundry monster.
Here is my solution:

I got these laundry baskets at the dollar store and each kid has their own color (there were only 4 colors, so I guess the new kid is out of luck). I will still probably wash all of our clothes together for now, but as they dry I will separate each of their clothes into the appropriate basket. It will then be their responsibility to "fold" and put away their own laundry (except for Jackson until he gets a little bit older). They can take turns doing his if they want to, or I can do them. My goal is to train them that anytime they see the basket of clothes on their bed, they know it is time to fold them and put them away, even without me asking them to do it. My ultimate goal will be to get them each doing their own basket of clothes from start to finish (yes, I realize that is probably years away, although I bet Caleb could handle it now).

No matter how hard I try to keep their drawers organized and their clothes folded neatly, they are messy in no time, so what do I have to lose? :) Yesterday was our first try and they were all very excited about folding their clean clothes. Then first thing this morning they each brought me their laundry to wash because they wanted to do it all over again. We will see how long the cheerfulness lasts!

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Ella said...

love, love, love this idea!! we may have to try this as boys used to be great little folders, always willing to help, but not so much anymore. Maybe this new idea will be good motivation! :) and i know what you mean about their drawers...everytime i put away clothes, i have to reorganize it all over again, so they might as well be folding it and putting it away. let them do the organizing...i like that idea! :)