Countdown to Baby: 14 weeks

25 1/2 weeks (I will have Scott take a better pic of me later this week)

Yes, I will be 26 weeks on Thursday. I really can't believe that. One more monthly visit to my OB and then every two weeks after that. Time is flying by ridiculously fast. The baby is moving around like CRAZY right now - Caleb felt it yesterday for the first time. Scott felt it for the first time on Feb. 1st, a little later than with the others. Maybe he had more free time back then to sit around and feel my belly :)

Jackson begins his day every single morning with a kiss to my bare belly and his rendition of either the Barney song or Take Me Out to the Ball Game sung sweetly with his head laying right on top of the baby. Lillian loves to lay her ti-ti on my belly to "keep the baby warm." Caleb and Ella are always talking to the baby and rubbing my belly. I wish I had it all on video! Ella told me yesterday that she doesn't like me going to the hospital and having to stay there after the baby is born. I have a feeling those 2 or 3 days will be the only one-on-one time I get with the new baby for a while, at least if the siblings have anything to do with it!

Yesterday at my appointment, the baby's heartbeat was 159 and my blood pressure was 94/68. I think she may have read it wrong - it is usually low, but not that low. I keep forgetting to ask my belly measurement so I am hoping to get all of them the next time I go, just so I have a record of them to write in a baby book (when we get one). I also did the glucose test yesterday... made me remember why I have such a dislike for orange soda... and that stuff ALWAYS gives me an awful headache.

I am mildly freaking out at this point that we have NOTHING for the new baby, but I guess at first they don't need a whole lot, especially if you breastfeed. I will definitely be paring down this time since we don't have tons of room and the stuff will only be used once. It's hard to determine what we really need... I am thinking definitely a swing and bassinet/co-sleeper to start with. I also would love to cloth diaper (don't worry grandparents (and Scott), I would have disposables around as well). It is something I have always thrown around but never taken the plunge. I never used a sling until Jackson came along and that ended up being one of my most favorite things EVER, so sometimes it is good to try new things.

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