Cookie Concert

We FINALLY got to go back to the Cookie Concert this year. I took Caleb 3 years ago, couldn't go the next year because I was in the hospital having Jackson, then somehow missed it last year.

The rules have changed a little bit - it used to only be open to kids ages 4 and up but now they let any age in. However, I am sticking to the 4 and up rule for our family :) This year I took Caleb and Ella while and Scott went with my dad at the same time to a gun show in a different part of the arena. It worked out well because we only had to pay one parking fee for everyone, and it was free for us to get in to the Cookie Concert. Austin stayed at our house while the younger 2 napped.

The lobby opens up an hour early so the kids can explore various instruments that are set up. There are also performances by local music students - some of them were so young and it really convicted me that our kids should be in some kind of music activity. Caleb wants drum lessons, Ella wants to play the violin and Lillian has beautiful long fingers that I think would be perfect for piano playing!

The conductor opened the show with 15 music trivia questions (which I failed miserably - lol). The orchestra played various pieces of music that showcased all the instruments to help teach the kids what they looked and sounded like. The harp was fascinating for both Caleb and Ella, maybe because we have been reading about David playing the harp for Saul in our Bible assignments recently.

Our neighbors met us there and we all sat together. After the show we all got to eat cookies and juice that were graciously donated by Publix. Next year Lillian will get to go!

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