Oh My...

So I have been trying really hard lately to be somewhat relaxed in my approach to school... if the kids are playing a game together or watching the garbage truck out front or coloring/crafting together, I will usually utilize that time to get some things done and let them enjoy some free time. We always get our school work done, it just may be a half hour or so later than if we start "on time."

This morning, the older three informed me that they wanted to lay out their sleeping bags on Caleb's floor and read books together. Sounded innocent enough and who doesn't want their kids reading to each other, so I agreed to it. I was putting some dishes away, loading the crock pot with tonight's dinner and posting pics on the blog and then I decided to just peek my head in and check on them. There were lots of sleeping bags on the floor (along with just about everything else in the room) and not a whole lot of reading was going on! To make it worse, in the approximately 37.5 seconds it took me to walk to Caleb's room and back to the kitchen, our little tasmanian devil had sprinted to the kitchen, climbed onto the counter top, peeled 3 bananas and spilled half and half ("muk, Mommy") EVERYWHERE. Note to self: screwing the lid on things will not keep a curious toddler out of them, at least not one named Jackson Gardner.
The rest of the morning was spent outside because our smoke detectors were mysteriously going off for no apparent reason. And with 10.5 foot ceilings, I can't reach them to reset them. Life at home with four little ones... never a dull moment!

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