The Cookie Concert

Yes, it really is called that! Every year, the Imperial Symphony Orchestra does a concert for kids ages 4 and older. I have never gone since this is the first time any of my children met that requirement (I can't believe my little man is 4), so I thought it would be fun to take Caleb because he likes Classical music and would look for any excuse to skip his nap. The best part for me was the free ticket I got by donating 2 cans of tuna for a local charity - so we got a $10 ticket for less than $2. The best part for CB was getting free cookies and juice after the concert (courtesy of Publix). We had a great time hanging out together (thank you Scott for keeping the girls at home so I could go) and actually saw some friends from church whose son is in Caleb's class, so we got to sit together. Caleb was fascinated by the conductor and told me he liked the tubas best of all - I thought for sure he would like the percussion instruments the most!
There were also some fun homemade instruments in the lobby for the kids to play with after the concert. Yet another fun "hot date" for us, though I'm not sure how much longer Caleb will want to go see plays, musicals or any other kind of culturally enriching activities... or even go on a date with his mom!

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