Room Sharing - Whose Idea Was It, Anyway?

Naptime today was a bit of a fiasco... It usually takes a time or two of me going in the kids' room before they go to sleep, but today was just ridiculous!

First, Caleb decided to get in Ella's bed and start jumping. He was trying to jump on Mr. Bear, a huge white teddy bear that his uncle and cousin got him for his first birthday. He evidently missed and hit his nose on the metal bar at the end of Ella's bed - OUCH. I suddenly realized that I have no idea what a broken nose looks like, but I figured since I didn't see any blood or swelling, he must have been okay. I kissed his nose and put him back to bed, then heard the familiar pitter patter of feet just a few seconds later.

I could tell by the way it sounded that it was Ella this time - when I went in, she and Caleb were hiding under his covers tickling each other. I put her in bed and quietly closed the door behind me. I peeked in a minute or two later and Caleb was standing on his top bunk, a BIG no-no (and he knows it). Since that definitely falls under my "I only spank when they are endangering themselves or someone else, or being defiant/disrespectful" rule that I try to follow, I did the deed (including the hug and conversation afterward) and put him back in bed.

Not too long after, I started hearing Ella making some kind of noises. I decided to ignore it at first because I knew after she saw Caleb get his spanking that she surely didn't want the same fate... Silly me! The noises got progressively louder and I finally made out the word "help". I rushed into her room to find this:
Poor little thing was terrified and couldn't figure out how to get down. I'm still not sure how she got up there (no I didn't leave her up there to go get my camera, we recreated the scene so I could get a picture of it since that is the crazy kind of stuff I like to photograph). Lesson learned, right? WRONG!!! I looked in a minute later and she was headed up the column again! I couldn't believe it!

I think my older two are the most strong-willed children on the planet, which must be some genetic anomaly since neither of their parents are the least bit stubborn. The verdict is still out on Lillian - I am holding out hope for her!

After all that, Caleb never did take a nap today. His naps are becoming fewer and fewer - I'm afraid I may lose my "nap nazi" nickname fairly soon. He ended up coming out of his room while Ella was still asleep and we got some one on one time, so it wasn't all bad :)

P.S. Lillian said da-da on Wednesday despite all my coaching to get her to say ma-ma first! Scott was sitting with her when she said it and he was so excited - his first time actually hearing (in person) one of the kids say their first word.

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Daddy and Jeannie said...

I am glad you clarified about the picture! My first thought was, she must always have the camera ready! What a little monkey!