My Pre-Children Misconceptions

More often lately, I am finding myself laughing at the things I used to say about kids before I had my own... I thought it would be fun to post some of them.

My kids will never eat fast food more than once a week, if that often.

Who in the world would bring an infant to a movie theater?

Why would anyone go grocery shopping with their kids?

My kids will never act that way in public.

A good spanking would cure that behavior.

My kids will be in bed by 8 every night.

Child leashes/harnesses are just plain ridiculous (no, I don't have one but sometimes I think I need one)

Stay-at-home moms have it so easy, it must be nice not to have a job.

What thoughts can you other moms out there add?


Brian and Ella said...

haha!! those are great!! here's my contribution...

i will never feed my kids pop tarts for breakfast.

we will never let our kids watch videos in the car, even if it is a long trip!

Just Robin said...

Even when I do not post I am watching :).

My kids will ALWAYS obey on first command!

They will always have clean faces.