Caleb-isms from Lunch Today

1. Mom, you are a really good cooker!
2. How do you fall in love?
3. What are allergies?
4. How do bees make beehives?
5. What makes an ant pile?
6. Mom, this zucchini is really good! (yes, he really did eat it, along with asparagus and yellow squash)
7. Watch how fast these vegetables I am eating will make my feet move. (followed by him making a mad dash to his room and back to show me how fast he can run)

On a side note, I let Lillian try some fruit puffs today at lunch. I broke them into tiny pieces and put one piece at a time in her mouth. The look on her face the first time was priceless, she really liked it. She would suck on the pieces and pucker her lips, then try to chew it with her one snaggle tooth - it kind of reminded me of what my grammy used to look like when she took out her dentures :)

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