Bedtime Theology (Posted by Scott)

The evening ritual started out like every other. Caleb and Ella brushed their teeth, I of course checked their teeth, they went potty and then gave their mommy her 10,000 good night hugs and kisses. Then, per the usual, Caleb, Ella and I retire to Caleb's bottom bunk for our devotional, songs and prayer.

Aunt Karen gave the kids a daily devotional book for Christmas and it has been great. This must be an old edition, however, because it said Sunday April 6th was Easter Sunday. We were not swayed by this - you can never get enough of resurrection Jesus! So, I read the story about the tomb, the rolling rock and the resurrection. Caleb proceeded to tell me how Mary thought Jesus was a gardener and did not know he was Jesus. We all think he has a little Uncle Brian in him!

Caleb then said, "Daddy, I love Jesus. Do you love Jesus?" I said yes. Then he said Ella, "Do you love Jesus?" Ella then gave a real long, "Noooooooa." Everything ends in "a" now for some reason with her. She then said, "I love bunnies." I said, "You mean like bunny rabbits?" and she happily replied, "yes" and added, "I don't love Jesus." Pastor Caleb then asked a question lathered with disgust, "You don't like Jesus, Ella?" "Noooooooa," she replied. Caleb then said, "Then you cannot go up to heaven. You are going to have to stay down here all by yourself." I'm not so certain she minded. Maybe I can work on that tomorrow evening! Mommy and Daddy are glad to know that we have someone else looking out for her soul!!!


Brian and Ella said...

so sweet!!

Brian and Ella said...

Don't worry Caleb, if she is one of the elect then you don't have to worry about her not going to heaven! Tell that to your Arminian daddy! Love you and keep up the evangelism.

Uncle Brian