My Little French Fry Addict

When Caleb was a baby, I swore I would never let my kids eat fast food until they got to some unreasonably old age. Then I discovered that one of our local McDonald's had $1.99 Happy Meals on Wednesdays and a bunch of my friends from church were taking their kids there for lunch. Boy did I change my thinking. We don't go to McDonald's much anymore, but we do frequent Chick-Fil-A about once a week now with another family from church. Caleb always wants a fruit cup with his nuggets, but Ella has to have french fries - she LOVES them (just like her Momma). Her new thing recently - when you ask her what her name is, she will say "Ella Grace McDonalds". Then when you say, "No, Ella Grace MacDonald", she will laugh and say "Ella Grace McFrench Fries" or "Ella Grace McChicken". That girl cracks me up sometimes... I can already see that she will have a fun sense of humor like her Daddy.

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