A Mom's Weekly Agenda

Ever since my birthday, Caleb likes to ask me how old I am. Mind you, he knows perfectly well what my age is, but it has become a little game for him. He likes it when I say the wrong number (the more outrageous the number, the better) so he can say no every time, and then when he has had enough, he will say "NO, silly mommy, you are 32!" Sometimes after our exchange Ella will say "And I'm 3." He doesn't think it is so funny for her to get her age wrong, though - how funny.

I am ashamed to say I can't remember anything from that day for Caleb, so instead I will tell a story about Ella. We were leaving the YMCA after I worked out, walking through a hallway with "YMCA" and some other words in block letters on the wall, and she starts pointing to the letters and telling me (correctly, I might add) what letters they were. She didn't get them all, but a good majority of them. I usually have her sit with Caleb and me when we are working on letters, but I had no idea she was actually listening to me! Now if I could just get her to remember colors...

When he was supposed to be napping, Caleb came out of his room for what seemed like the 8 millionth time (okay, it was only the 3rd, but who's counting). I felt myself getting ready to lose it, but I decided not to send him immediately back into his room. I was folding laundry on the couch and he walked over to me holding the little New Testament Bible our church gives babies when they are baptized and said, "Mommy I am reading to Ella to help her go to sleep - we are reading God's scriptures. That way she can be calm and sleep better."

Scott has gotten up at 4:30 EVERY morning this week to go work out with some friends of ours at the YMCA. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but just one week ago I was struggling to wake him up for work at 8 AM! Since he is usually home by 6:30 or 6:45, I have been getting up with him so we could read the Bible together and have some quiet time with just the 2 of us. I feel like a "real" adult - drinking my coffee when I first wake up instead of 3 hours later when I have finally fed and dressed the kids and myself. Anyway, for some reason Caleb woke up early yesterday morning and came in to the room where we were reading. We asked if he wanted to come listen, and he did, so this morning (when he woke up early again) he came in and asked us when we were going to "read God's Word" together because he wanted to be with us when we did it. How awesome to know that someday he will be doing the same thing with his family.

It was the usual mad rush this morning to get all of us out the door and take Scott to work. It seems like we can never get everyone and all of our stuff on one trip, so Scott had come back in to get Lillian while I was getting drinks for the older kids. We walked out together and in the short time we were inside, Caleb had gotten the empty trash can out of our yard (today was trash day) and rolled it back to the place where we keep it - he even put the lid on for us! He told me he wanted to do that for me because he thought it would make me happy and he wanted to be helpful. He has such a little servant's heart!

I love my kiddos so much! I never dreamed they would bring me this much joy. We are so blessed.

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