A Day in the Life

How exciting that we have three new playmates in our neighborhood! Christina's husband went back to work today, so it was her first day by herself with the recent additions to their family. Of course she is completely capable on her own, but since all of our kids are so close in age, we have decided that we need to spend LOTS of time together! Today I was without a vehicle because we are having some repairs done on our van, so whatever we did had to be within walking distance. We decided to take the kids to Explorations V, our local kids museum. We have a membership so we can go for free anytime we want. Picture two adults trying to keep up with six children (only one who isn't walking yet)in three levels of hands-on games and activities... WHEW! The kids had a blast but the mommies were ready for lunch by about 11:30. Now, picture the same group at a local pizza restaurant in the heart of downtown Lakeland where it is difficult to find even one table, much less enough seating for the eight of us plus three of our neighbors who were joining us... My running joke every time I eat there with friends who also have children is that when I see people giving me THE LOOK (any mother of multiple toddlers and/or preschoolers knows what THE LOOK is), it makes me want to start nursing my 6-month old in front of them and see how much more mortified they can be. I went inside to order a pizza for all of us to share and they just happened to have a large cheese pizza already cooked - THANK YOU JESUS!!! So the kids got their pizza right away and Christina and I only had to wait a few minutes for the chicken ceasar salad we were sharing. Now the kids are napping and I am getting ready for some fast and furious laundry and cleaning while they sleep - hopefully Lillian will cooperate for me (right now she isn't acting ready for a nap). Can't wait to see what we get to do tomorrow!

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Brian and Ella said...

oh yes! i think i was given "the look" several times the last time we were there with you! talk about meltdown...henry was going crazy! what a fun day, though. can't wait for our next florida trip so we can go again with you all. maybe next time the museum will be open! oh, and i'm definitely craving that pizza!