Four going on 24

Caleb amazes me sometimes with the things he says - so smart and witty, just like his Daddy.

Scott finally got a car this past week - he bought it from a friend of ours who works for Parker Street. It is a 1998 Mustang (5-speed!!) so it is lots of fun to drive. Scott was driving in the car with his mom and she told him that on Thursday she was talking to Caleb about the new car. She asked Caleb if he liked his Daddy's new car and he told her, "Yes, because it has lots of horsepower!" Thinking that maybe we were letting him watch a few too many NASCAR races, we asked him how he knew what that was and he told us, "because it has a horse on the steering wheel." I guess Caleb will be a "logo nerd" like his mom.
This morning when the kids woke up, we decided to let them watch a TV show while we laid on the couch with them. The Wiggles were on, which they don't really watch anymore, but I turned it on because there wasn't much else on... What happened to the good old days of Saturday morning cartoons? Anyway, there were people on the show playing some kind of outdoor game that I had never seen before. I asked Scott what it was, not realizing that he had fallen back asleep and when he didn't answer, Caleb piped up and said "It's Cricket, Mommy..." Still trying to figure out where he learned that from.

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