An Evening With Steven Curtis Chapman

Last night, Scott and I went to see Steven Curtis Chapman at Victory Church here in Lakeland. In the past, his concerts have always been at Carpenter's Home Church, so the new location was a nice change - a smaller venue and the tickets cost less! The tickets were general admission, but we ended up with pretty good seats. As usual, he put on an awesome show. He took requests ahead of time on his website and did kind of an "unplugged" section, just him, the guitar and his microphone. He and the band also performed a medley of lots of other songs. His two sons were touring in the band - how cool that must have been for him! Scott's favorite part of the evening was when he sang "Cinderella" from his new CD. If you haven't heard the song, look up the lyrics sometime... they are guaranteed to make any man who has a daughter cry like a baby. Ella loves the "princess song" and always asks her daddy to play it on You Tube so they can dance together to it.

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