Caleb at Bat

For anyone who has never seen a 4 year-old play t-ball, it is quite an experience. Two phrases come to mind - chasing butterflies and deer in headlights. I would love to think that Caleb is actually learning something, but after today's game, I have my doubts! :) Although I will say, he is doing better at this sport than any of the others he has tried. Mima and Papa came to the game and we all had a really good time - Scott even stepped in as third base coach. We ate lunch together at Chick-Fil-A afterward, where Caleb decided he wanted a "chicken burger" instead of his usual nuggets. After ice cream and some time playing in the tunnels, we headed home for naps. They were both asleep before we hit downtown Lakeland! Too bad I can't say the same thing for myself. :)

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