We Love Birthdays!

Tuesday was Scott's 35th birthday! I am only posting his age as a subtle reminder to myself that I will soon be reaching that same age milestone... eek! He had the day off (he always takes his birthday off work if it falls on a weekday) so it was fun to spend his special day with him. We had grand plans of him getting to sleep in but, unfortunately, the four little ones in our house hadn't quite bought into that plan. The two of us had only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before thanks to an unplanned rodent "incident" happening in our kitchen, so I was kind of walking around in a fog and didn't do a very good job of keeping the kids out of our room. They took their cards and presents in for Scott to open and then I headed off to Bible Study with the older three. Jackson stayed home with Scott to take an early nap - he needed it just as much as we did!

We went to Steak n Shake for lunch to use a free coupon Scott had gotten in the mail and ended up with the same waiter Caleb had on his birthday. After that we dropped the kids off at Mima's so we could go meet with our insurance agent about some things, then off for a MASSAGE together! Scott and the kids gave me a gift certificate last Mother's Day for a one hour massage and I hadn't used it yet, so I decided to treat Scott on his birthday and we split the hour between the two of us. My first massage ever and it was divine!!! The massage therapist told me she could do massages on me into my eighth month of pregnancy as long as she avoided certain pressure points and I told her she may have started something! :)

After picking the kids up, we went home for a short time so they could eat dinner, then dropped them off at our neighbor's house so we could go get the free birthday dinner at Texas Cattle Company. Mima, Papa, Uncle Mark and Grandaddy joined us. I had planned on just getting a salad but Scott talked me into getting a real meal, so I did. It was delicious as always, but after completely using up all of our hot date and dining out money for the whole pay period, I remembered why I only wanted a salad. Just imagine if his food hadn't been free! It was worth it, though - the best filet EVER. And we get to go back for my birthday... We better start saving up for it now!

Back home again after that for the traditional cookie cake. We took a break last year because Ella really wanted to make her daddy monkey bread on his birthday, but this year there were no special requests from the kids so he got his favorite! We had also celebrated a few days early with our Community Group last Friday - I took a lemon cake and we all sang to him there.

Scott and I didn't last long once everyone left after eating the cookie cake - I think we were asleep on the couch before 10... Nothing abnormal for me, but he is usually up lots later than that.

Lemon Cake at Community Group...
Cards from the kids - hard to read on here but really cute in person!
Birthday morning greeting

The beloved cookie cake!

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