A Day at the Theatre

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the historic Polk Theatre. We went to see a showing of Charlotte's Web. I wasn't sure which version it would be, but since adults were only $4 and kids under 10 were free, I really didn't care. It just sounded like a fun and frugal family outing. We knew Jackson probably wouldn't sit through the entire thing, but it was worth a try.

I was very pleasantly surprised when we got inside and realized it wasn't just a movie. I never dreamed it would be a live stage production! The kids loved it - Jackson lasted almost the whole way through! Scott ended up taking him out about 10 or 15 minutes before the end. Right after the curtain call all the actors came out and sat on the edge of the stage for a meet and greet with the audience. Caleb was so excited to meet Templeton and the girls were enamored by Charlotte. We will definitely have to read the book again soon!

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