Here s/he is!!

Yesterday was my 20 week sonogram. Hard to believe I am halfway through! Everything looked great and yes the gender is still a secret, even to my doctor! The baby is about 11 oz. and the heart rate was 136, lower this time than the other visits.

We didn't take any of the kids to the appointment which was weird to me... Caleb didn't want to go because he wanted to go see his friends at our neighborhood after-school program. His exact words were "If you aren't finding out what it is, then I don't want to go!" Too funny. The rest of the kids were napping since I had an afternoon appointment. It was very reminiscent of our first ever sonogram when it was just the two of us looking at pictures of our little Caleb (although at that point we didn't know if he was a Caleb or a Sarah). Just as incredible the fifth time around! :)
Pondering life on the outside with 4 siblings...


Waving at you!

Spinal Cord

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These Three Kings said...

Birth is amazing!!!! Life in the womb is amazing! God is soo good!
Congrats again!