Holiday Fun

Happy Birthday Jesus playgroup party...Watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" with our neighbors...

CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!! I almost didn't make them this year but I decided to go for it at the last minute. I made these for a party we went to the other night and will probably make some more for Christmas dinner. I still have a bunch more sugar cookie dough mixed up that the kids can help me with... they love the cutting and decorating. I tried some new recipes for the first time and they were all really good... the mint thins are made from Ritz crackers, chocolate chips and peppermint extract and taste just like the Girl Scout cookies. Plus Ritz were BOGO this week so they weren't that expensive to make. The chocolate-chocolate chip cookies with the mint kiss on top were a hit too. Granmommy gave me the peanut butter ball recipe years ago and they are always popular. The peanut butter Ritz cracker sandwiches dipped in white chocolate are new for me, too. My favorite two are the sugar cookies and the puppy chow (or muddy buddies as some people call it).
Advent devotionals - still haven't decided where to hang their advent art this year so no pictures... yet! But we have been doing them and enjoying them.

Christmas countdown chain - we keep forgetting to take another link off every day so it is a little bit longer than it should be at this point of the month!

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Ella said...

Oh yum! must have recipe for mint thins...a cookie we can make without an oven! :) loved all the posts!