Our dishwasher and dryer are still not working (even after initial attempts to repair them) and the washer is still not draining correctly. Now we just have the drain hose hanging out the laundry room window so at least I don't have to babysit the machine when it is draining. Only in our hood! Our neighbor has been gracious to let us use her dryer whenever we need it (which is pretty often).

Last night our toilet overflowed and flooded the bathroom AND we have a mouse in our house. I can't blame the little guy - it is FREEZING outside (although it doesn't feel much warmer inside to me in our uninsulated and energy-inefficient home). I need warm weather back - that would make me a LOT less grouchy overall!

We have been trying really hard to downplay Santa's role in Christmas so now whenever one of the kids does something naughty the others will chime in, "Jesus is watching." Sunday I worked in Ella's Sunday School class. Her teacher went around the room and asked all the kids what they were most thankful for this Christmas. Of course they all said Santa, presents, new toys, etc. When it got around to our sweet girl she proudly proclaimed "Jesus." I need to take a lesson from her and remember all I have to be thankful for this season. It's amazing what we can learn from our little ones if we will just take the time to listen to them.

On a side note, we are now up to 10 ornaments broken thanks to a certain mischievous toddler in our house. And I even put the breakable ones up out of his reach.

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