Celebrating Our Sweet Ella

Five years ago today (almost to the hour), here is a picture of us awaiting the birth of our second blessing... so excited to find out if we would be buying pink or blue, naming the baby Ella or Noah, giving Caleb a little brother or little sister. After a quick and easy delivery of a pretty big baby (9 lbs. 10 oz. to be exact), we welcomed our precious Ella Grace into the world.

Ella is such a little ball of fire, just like my grandmother (her namesake). She is definitely the sleeper of all the kids (gets that from her Daddy) and doesn't respond well to being tired or hungry (just like her Momma). She has a very sweet, nurturing spirit - especially with her siblings. She loves books, is fiercely meticulous when she colors a picture, enjoys playing "Mommy" with her baby dolls and is very interested in helping me cook. She LOVES to surprise me by cleaning up, dusting and making our bed, and always without us asking her to. She has quite a stage presence already - she loves to sing, dance and make up songs. She is definitely not shy - she has no problem walking up to the counter at Chick-Fil-A to get my drink refilled or order herself an ice cream cone. She will make friends immediately with kids she doesn't know if we are out at the park. She has a flair for the dramatic - I never knew someone so young could get so worked up about such insignificant (to me) things. She is our little drama queen! She loves all things girlie and feminine but isn't afraid to catch ladybugs or dig in the dirt to find worms. She is quick to apologize when she has wronged you. She loves our prayer time and has quite a way with words when she is talking to God. Countless times a day she will just walk up and want to give me a kiss and a hug, for no reason at all other than to tell me she loves me. There are so many facets to her personality and we love them all!
I will post pictures from this year's festivities in the next couple of days. Happy 5th birthday, baby girl! We love you so much!


japm1944 said...

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY Ella. We love you bunches. Mima and Papa

Ella said...

love this...so glad ella had a wonderful birthday!! wish we could have been there!