Fall Traditions

Caleb caught a lizard (and a chicken, and a duck, and probably some unnamed disease from touching all those animals).
Jackson and his namesake "Action Jackson" the donkey (who happens to be 30 years old).
Today was our annual fall playgroup trip to Green Meadows Farm in Kissimmee. I'm sure I have posted about it before and I'm even more sure I promised I would never go back... I say that every year but somehow always get suckered into going :) This was the 6th time for me (and Caleb). I guess it won't be my last - I don't want the newest MacDonald to miss out on all the fun... and dirt... and stench... and animal poop... and (literal) chasing around of children for three hours. Even with our huge group, my little escape artists always manage to get away from me, and usually without me even realizing they are gone. Don't tell my husband ;) (just kidding, honey). Nothing beats the year I went when I was about a week away from giving birth to Ella. Kind of like going to a Gator game days before Lillian was born, but not as fun... or as clean!

It really was a great day for them - lots of interaction with animals, a train ride, hayride, milking a cow, seeing their friends... I am so glad Caleb got to be a part of all the fun and I think he really did enjoy himself. There's another boy from church a little older than him who homeschools so they hung out with each other most of the day. He also pulled a loose tooth out when we got in the van to leave - the 6th one he has lost!

Speaking of fall traditions, I gave in a couple of weeks ago and put up decorations. I figured if we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, it should probably look festive around here.

Our tree of thanks - every few days we write something we are thankful for on a leaf and tie it to the "tree".

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