Ella's First Wedding - Part 1

Yesterday Ella spent the morning getting pampered with the rest of the bridal party - she got to have her nails AND toes done! There was supposed to be a luncheon but things were behind schedule (aren't they always when it comes to wedding prep) so we all had pizza in between nail paintings at the bride's house instead.

She got a really cute "Flower Girl" t-shirt from the bride so after her nails were done we went to Target to find a skirt for her to wear with it for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I didn't realize until yesterday that Ella has no skirts so we needed something!
Scott had to work late last night so I had to take all the kids with me to the rehearsal with the plan being he would meet us at the rehearsal dinner when he was done at work. Not ideal, but it's what we had to do. Thankfully he was able to make it to the church during the last part of the rehearsal - things were not going very well with the non-wedding participants in our family!

By the time we got to the rehearsal dinner, it was pretty late... almost the kids' bedtime and they hadn't even had dinner yet. I finally gave Jackson one of my ribs to chew on so I could have five minutes of peace and quiet to eat something myself :)

Ella got some beautiful jewelry to wear with her dress for the wedding and a gift certificate to Build-A-Bear. She has never been there before so that should be fun for her!

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