Ella's First Wedding - Part 2

Ella looked so beautiful in her fancy dress today. She did a great job of walking down the aisle and even threw her petals perfectly. During the ceremony was a different story! She was pretty fidgety the whole time, at one point I couldn't see her little head at all and she had plopped down on the floor in front of the whole church. Then there was the time she walked over to my seat to tell me she was thirsty in the middle of a prayer, not to mention the time she was wearing her flower girl basket on her head. Oh well, at least she looked cute doing it. Thank goodness the bride is EXTREMELY laid back!

The reception was a blast - I don't think Caleb left the dance floor the entire time except when he made his dinner plate which consisted of mashed potatoes and rolls (he is his father's child). All the kids had fun dancing their little hearts out and I had Jackson out there getting his groove on with everyone else. Jackson participated in the dollar dance and got a dance with the bride, and Ella with the groom. Unfortunately I have no still pictures of anything that happened at the reception since we left the camera in the car, but I did get some video footage of all that dancing! We got home at about 10:00 and I think it took me 15 minutes to get all the bobby pins out of Ella's hair! The kids are all passed out and I am not too far behind them!


Brian and Ella said...

ella looks beautiful, and i love her hair! loved all the great family pics, too!

japm1944 said...

Ella looked beautiful. She did great. Loved all the pics.