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Where are the days going... I am so sad that summer is flying by and soon it will be time for school again. I treasure days where we can just hang out and be together, not worry about schedules and routines. We have been spending lots of time reading together. I love reading chapter books to the kids - I think Dr. Seuss is wonderful but I really needed a break from Green Eggs and Ham. :)

One of Scott's co-workers gave us The Child's Story Bible when Jackson was born and they are really enjoying that, too - I let them pick each day whether they want to hear a story from the Old Testament or New Testament and we are just reading through the books in order. Most days they want both, which is fine with me! It is going much more smoothly than when we tried to read to them from our church CBR (Community Bible Reading) schedule during the school year. Maybe that will work in a few years! Scott was thoughtful to snap this picture of me and the girls the other night. This is the kind of stuff I want to remember but never get pictures of myself doing!

Our neighbor brought his snake over the other day so the kids could see it. Caleb couldn't wait to hold it all by himself. We even got the girls to touch it, although Ella was a little skittish.

Yesterday we spent the morning at Barnett Park with some neighbors and other friends from church. This was the first time we have been since Jackson started really walking steadily - he had a blast! We walked from our house and I realized when we got home that we were missing Jackson's pacifier - the very last one we had. That kid loses pacifiers so easily! I put him down for his nap to see if maybe he would be okay without one - prime opportunity to wean! Not so lucky -he was having NO part of that. I finally had to give him a bristle block to suck on - it is shaped sort of like a pacifier and he likes to walk around with it in his mouth all the time, sucking on it. He finally fell asleep but I had Scott stop and get some more real pacifiers on his way home last night and now we have a much happier baby! I found this the other day when I walked into the kitchen - he is a mess!
This is a rarity - this kid is never still long enough to fall asleep during rest time.
Today there was a carnival at Parker Street Summer Camp. Jackson had his first snow cone, although I didn't let him have any flavoring on it. Boring, I know - but I didn't want his cute little outfit covered in snow cone juice. The girls got their faces painted and played in several bouncy houses.Sweet brothers!
We all got to join in on the hamburger and hot dog lunch afterwards. I don't know what it is but I can't get my fill of hamburgers this summer - yum!

Tomorrow morning I will be taking Ella to join some bridesmaids from the wedding she is in on Saturday and get her nails painted. I think there will also be a luncheon, then the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tomorrow evening. She is so excited about her beautiful dress and new shoes. She will also get to have her hair done before the wedding on Saturday morning - so sweet of the bride to pay for that for us. Hopefully I will get some great pictures to post on here.

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japm1944 said...

What great pics, and a fun time. Love Mima.